A Bit About Me!

My name is Santosh Sarangi. E-Commerce Product & Digital Marketing Leader.

I believe, build, and deliver online business ideas to success!!

Santosh Sarangi RankKite

I'm interested in

Drive ideas into reality to solve problems.

Product planning and product marketing, product lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with designers, engineering, marketing, and sales stakeholders to deliver the products towards success.

I like to innovate in customer problems and solve them with modern technology. I have enjoyed many executive positions throughout my career in E-Commerce business operations, product management, marketing strategy, market research, competitive analysis, optimization, and customer services.

Business Understanding

Creating a business strategic plan from scratch. Defining the project objectives, business challenges, solution requirements for successes, risks, or firms' problems.

Product Strategy Planning

Process of creating a product idea and following through on it until the product is introduced to the market. It includes product market research, problem statements and needs, product features and design, pricing, promotion, and even the physical distribution of products.

Product Marketing

Increasing market share and getting existing and customers to use more of your product. Market branding and demand development: The combination of current products and new markets. Focus on new audiences and communities with different offerings or price strategy.

Personal & professional experiences have tough me

- Always put the customer at the center of all that I do.
- How to excel at the execution of big ideas with given limitations.
- About technology, How to speak and understand technology.
- Always love to win but helping the team to win should be the greater joy

I educate, refine, and drive myself to be a better person.

- I am constantly learning because I never settle
- I stay calm when faced with difficulty
- I focus on making high-quality decisions
- I believe, 'If you can always smile at life, Life will always smile at you.'

Professional Skills

Product Management | User Experience (UX) Design | Product Analysis | Team Development | Market and Pricing Analysis | Strategic Planning | Product Development | Product Roadmap | Portfolio Strategy | Agile Development | ECommerce Marketplace | Search Engine Optimization | Social Media Optimization | App Store Optimization | Online Reputation Management | Content Marketing | Keyword Research | Email & SMS Marketing | WordPress | Photoshop | Dreamweaver (HTML & CSS) | Microsoft Excel & Powerpoint

Domain Knowledge

E-Commerce | IT Management Software | Enterprise Software | Small Business Software | Product Marketing | Digital Marketing | Digital Advertising

My works

We design, build and support websites and apps for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.

Author Santosh Sarangi

Santosh Sarangi is a skillful product management and digital marketing leader. Overall, 15+ years of experience in E-Commerce, Small Business Software, and Digital Marketing.

Why RankKite?

Santosh Sarangi is passionate about his work. He loves what he does and doing it for the last 15 years with passion.

Holding a non-technical and simple degree from a tiny city (Odagaon, Nayagarh, Odisha), he is curious about eCommerce and Digital marketing. When he first started his job in the eCommerce industry in 2006, and googled it for any information related to his new job role and responsibility.

Every time he does google for any information, he found some new blogger, experienced professionals blog articles, or any business website links, or any institution’s blog post, etc. He has learned a lot from these sources and is always very thankful to those who have posted and shared their guide and experiences.

With that respect, He believes that there is a circumstance many could get connected or helpful from my blog post and experience. This is why he started his portfolio by the name of RankKite dot com. He wants to share all relevant information about the eCommerce business, product management, and digital marketing power from his experience and knowledge.

Kindly share your valuable feedback and suggestions.

He enjoys meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Please reach him at ‘santosh@rankkite.com’ if you want to talk to him about emerging technology, creating e-commerce or any software products, or online product marketing.


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