What Is A Domain Name and its Significance?

Domain Name and its Significance

The Domain Name is a name given by the business owner to a product or range of products or services they offer. When we talk about Domain Name and it’s importance in business, we must understand what is a business and how it is the difference from the company?

What is Business Name?

Business is simply the occupation or profession of an individual or group of people. Most Importantly, people work to earn profit by making or selling some products or services it offers. Again to start a Business needs some amount of investment. The business can be privately owned by a single or group of people, not-forprofit or state-owned. 

What is the Company?

A Company is a business organization registered under the companies acts. A Company is a legal entity that engages in business operation by an individual or group of people.

Types of Company

  • limited or an unlimited company,
  • private or a public company,
  • Limited company by guarantee or a company having a share capital, or a community interest company.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an identification or the interest address of a business. Many top brand business owners use their brand names as domain names. It is not mandatory to purchase the domain name exactly the same as your brand name. But I will recommend purchasing the domain name with your brand name. 

Therefore, the best way to remember and recognize your brand name is a perfect and unique domain name. It helps strategize your brand name across marketing channels. Domain Name can be used once after the registration.

However, Domain names can be a combination of alphabets and numbers letters. But I would recommend avoid using numbers in the domain name. Because the number will confuse users to remember and search.

For Example way2digital, it is easy to say but when writing it could be like “waytwodigital” or “way to digital” or “way2digital”

Similarly, there is a possibility to the same domain names with different domain extensions like COM (www.domain.com), or.IN (www.domain.in) and etc. Based on demand and the huge growth of industries, competitors the domain extensions are also been developed.

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Significance of Domain Name?

There is much importance of domain names in the digital world of 2020. With the digital transformation of technology, the use of smartphones and the internet, mobile internet data availability and power of social media help the business to grow. Therefore, to empower the growth of business and brand visibility in the internet world the primary thing is a domain name.

The domain name is nothing but the foundation of your business“. 

  • It increases your online presence in the digital world or geographic locations.
  • The most convenient way to get connected with your audience at their fingertips.
  • Adds credibility to small or meddle level business.
  • Increases your brand reputation for business
  • Increases trust in a walk-in business.
  • The best user experience of your product and services.
  • Empower your business demand and revenue growth.

How Does Domain Work?

When you enter the domain name or website in your browser or any search engine (like Google, Yahoo, or Bing) instantly sends a request to find that site. The browser opens up with all your product or service information available on your website. Similarly, the search engine result page gives multiple websites or domain name information.

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