Importance of HTML Sitemap in SEO

HTML Sitemap Importance in SEO

Before we discuss HTML sitemap, let us know what is a sitemap? The sitemap is simply a list of webpages that define the structure or flow of our website.

Based on the user experience and technical features of web technology, sitemaps are of two types; Hypertext Markup Language (HTML sitemap) and Extensible Markup Language XML Sitemap.

According to Google webmaster, HTML sitemap is a collection of links and it has no direct impact on SEO. Though it has no direct impact on SEO, Search engines always care about Users and Search Experience. Google still gives importance to HTML sitemap.

HTML sitemaps are usually built for website visitors for better user experience so that they can navigate your website easily. Think about your users, understand the problems or challenge your user faces to find what they are looking for on a website. It’s a one-click solution to find anything from a website with minimum time and effort.

Importance of HTML sitemap

1. Always helpful to design the architect blueprint of your website.

2. Easy to manage Large scale websites with end number of primary categories & tail level categories, especially for online shopping sites.

3. Speed in Search Crawling, Indexing & Visibility.

4. Increase User Experience of your website

5. Help to identify duplicate data on a website

6. Improve on-page SEO Quality, like a great way to use anchor text with a relevant keyword.


Let’s consider it’s an e-commerce online gifting website and having more than 2000+ category and subcategories pages.

The above image is an example of an online gifting website and let’s say customers searching all range of gifts or flowers available for auraiya city. Rather searching in different ways, simply can use Ctrl+F, type “auraiya” in flower by city section under that HTML sitemap page and can order easily.


Hence, HTML Sitemap has no direct impact on SEO. But it is definitely helpful for your business, like search engine scrolling and for better user experience.

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