Importance of Social Media in SEO

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Simply, Social Media is important and Effective in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When we talk about digital marketing channels and strategy for any business. I have seen throughout my career every marketing channel has it’s direct and indirect importance with another channel. The importance of social media in SEO is one of the great examples.

Social Media SEO

For any startup or for any new website SEO is important. But doing SEO on social media is the ideal and foremost marketing strategy. Social media SEO boost organic traffic, increase authority and social brand recognition through search engines. And social media advancement is the key to success and it will never get old.

Social Media SEO doesn’t have a direct impact on website or webpage ranking in search engines. But there are many reasons social media is important for SEO. I would give a simple example of how social media and SEO to bother are related.

Fielder as Social Media &Wicket Kipper as SEO
Fielder as Social Media & Wicket Kipper as SEO

Simply, Social media and SEO relationships like runout in cricket, where fielders are social media platforms and Wicket Kipper is SEO. Here Social media through the ball and SEO dunks the ball and increases the new wicket chance. Here Social Media and SEO both play an important role individually as per their worn algorithms. But in many cases, social media play a supporting role in SEO. Hence, though they don’t have any direct impact on SEO. But there is a list of the importance of social media in SEO.

6 Importance of Social Media in SEO

  1. Increase your brand online presence with your competitors
  2. Drive traffic to your website
  3. Improve authority and brand recognition
  4. Local traffic and local SEO grows
  5. Social content sharing affects the ranking on SERP
  6. Increase direct traffic to a website by content viral

Social Media has its own network and audience types. People get updates about content based on their user account interests and connections. Where in search engines when people search about something and get relevant pieces of information. It could be your social media business page link or content or website content or any webpage.

Examples of Social Media Importance in SEO

I believe you will agree on this “It is a comparison for fishing with a net. The wider you throw the net, the larger an area of water it will cover, so the more likely you are to catch a fish.”

Search your company or brand name “Example -Goibibo”.

Google crawls and displays website data pages and below a list of all social media, business page links like Twitter, Facebook, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn pages.

Conclusion: Hence, though you have good in SEO (search engine optimization) and source of direct and organic traffic. Whether your company or business has good financial ability and a good customer base. Still, you can’t avoid social media for marketing. Don’t agree with me? Please check below examples “Importance of social media in SEO”

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