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RankKite - Online presence "good for the business" and "good for the customers.". Know the effective methods to build your business online presence. Endless possibilities in the digital world, Let's Learn, Implement, Measure, and Improve.

RankKite - Page Rank to Succeed in Business

There is an endless opportunity in the digital world of technology transformation. The new norms of business need its digital presence to succeed in the competitive market. RankKite is a free eBook about eCommerce business and digital marketing by Santosh Sarangi.

If you are a small or medium business owner, there is a vast scope to grow your business online. Similarly, If you are fresher and interested in online marketing or eCommerce industry professionals, you have a very bright future.

Online Presence is Important

India is one of the most emerging markets and has enormous growth scope in the eCommerce industry. RankKite, the ideal space where we can learn new things about the eCommerce business setup process, technology, and business operation. Whether eCommerce or Digital marketing, both are very much correlated. You can not focus on one thing only. When a website gives your business an online presence, Digital marketing increases your online brand visibility and popularity and drives traffic to your website.

RankKite - Digital Marketing Methods

At RankKite, We will talk about many digital marketing processes like strategy planning, execution, and analysis. We will discuss the step-by-step process of different digital marketing channels, smart marketing tools, and their best use

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